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FREE MEDITATION PROGRAM - Basic Breath Meditation

The Meditation Teacher Training is by far our most popular online program followed by Basic Breath Meditation. We made this program free in order to help as many people as possible get into meditation. There are Currently thousands of students worldwide, viewing and working with the Basic Breath Meditation program. We are very happy that so many are taking advantage of the program.


The "Basic Breath Meditation" free online program is waiting for you and we hope you enjoy! Compliments of the Meditation Learning Center.



Meditation, The Great Teacher


This eight class course is for those on the meditation path and for those interested in getting on that path. This is a step-by-step guide that thoroughly covers the entire meditation process. With 12 hours of video and over 200 pages of handout material. This course takes you through the basic principles of getting a meditation practice started, to the essential practices of concentration and mindfulness and the penetrating teachings on emptiness. We have filled this course with practical explanations and suggestions on these practices and how to use them in today's world. Included in the guide that is a part of this program are 15 self guided meditations to help make your meditation practice and life, more fulfilling and more deeply understood.

A complete explanation of the practice of Meditation with detailed instructions. From the basics of meditation to the profound realizations of insight. With explanations of the benefits gained, how to develop concentration and mindfulness and how to use meditation out in today's world. "The practice of going within."




What you are about to learn from this course:

  • Detailed instructions on how to meditate

  • Working with meditation objects

  • The many benefits of meditation

  • How meditation relieves stress

  • Meditation as a sleep aid

  • Body Postures used in meditation

  • How to Develop concentration

  • How to use mindfulness in our daily lives

  •  clearing the mind of unnecessary thoughts

  • How to go within

  • Working with Our feelings and emotions

  • Understanding the worldly and unworldly   



The Next Step In Your Meditation Practice

Minding The Breath - Mindfulness of Breathing Meditation

With 125 pages of reading material and over 12 hours of video viewing, and 8 guided meditations, this extensive study can change one's life.


Few teachings describe the practice of meditation with such profundity as the "Anapanasati," translated as mindfulness of breathing. These ancient Buddhist meditation instructions skillfully lead one through the many layers and levels of meditation. The instructions found in this program offer the person new to meditation a clear understanding of the practice. It also enables the experienced meditator the opportunity to strengthen their already established practice. Within each of the nine lessons is a file that contains the specific handout as well as a video file that contains a  the class which will explain, in detail, the program along with the meditations. 


Regression Therapy 

This is your opportunity to learn about the healing qualities of regression therapy. 

Past life and this life regression uses a number of methods to drawback the veil of separation between the conscious and the subconscious mind. The subconscious being the storehouse and the organizer of all past memories. 

Memories are the autobiography of the subconscious. The personal stories that explain who you are now, why you’re here on Earth, And why you do what you do.

In This course you will receive three separate videos totaling 90 minutes loaded with teachings, instruction and actual regression exercises. You will receive 16 Pages of handouts including the actual guided regressions that you can use with your own clients or friends and you will go through two complete personal regressions yourself.  



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The Meditation Teacher Training Program

An Empowering Online teacher certification Program

Upon completion of the program the student will gain cognitive and experiential knowledge of every aspect of meditation and finish the program as a confident group and private meditation instructor.

This is an in-depth study program containing five, six class modules that when completed will enable the student to receive the "The Meditation Teacher Training Certification".


A certification program in which all of the 30 classes can be taken online.  

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