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Basic Breath Meditation (Free) 

- A Free Program -

Offered by Meditation Learning Center

The Meditation Learning Center is very pleased and excited to offer this new meditation program. It's one in which literally everyone can and should use. It's very condensed and packed full of information and should take no more than a few days to complete. It can be used to get ones meditation practice started and it is also a program that seasoned meditators and meditation teachers should use to review the basics of breath meditation for your own personal practice, or to discover new ways to deliver this information to others. It's never too soon or too late to learn and to review and know the Basics of Breath Meditation.

It's with great pleasure that the meditation learning center can provide this program for you. 

Overview of Learning Objectives of this program

1) Being familiar with the tools of meditation

2) Knowing the postures of meditation

3) Gaining knowledge of the proper place for meditation 

4) Describing breath meditation (Anapanasati) and mindfulness of breathing and doing a formal Breath Meditation 

Included in this program:

Four- thirty-minute videos - A nine-page Handout - four comprehension quizzes - A final exam - a guided meditation.



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