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Meditation, The Great Teacher


This eight class course is for those on the meditation path and for those interested in getting on that path. This is a step-by-step guide that thoroughly covers the entire meditation process. With 12 hours of video and over 200 pages of handout material. This course takes you through the basic principles of getting a meditation practice started, to the essential practices of concentration and mindfulness and the penetrating teachings on emptiness. We have filled this course with practical explanations and suggestions on these practices and how to use them in today's world. Included in the guide that is a part of this program are 15 self guided meditations to help make your meditation practice and life, more fulfilling and more deeply understood.

What you are about to learn from this course:

  • Detailed instructions on how to meditate

  • Working with meditation objects

  • The many benefits of meditation

  • How meditation relieves stress

  • Meditation as a sleep aid

  • Body Postures used in meditation

  • How to Develop concentration

  • How to use mindfulness in our daily lives

  •  clearing the mind of unnecessary thoughts

  • How to go within

  • Working with Our feelings and emotions

  • Understanding the worldly and unworldly   


A complete explanation of the practice of Meditation with detailed instructions. From the basics of meditation to the profound realizations of insight. With explanations of the benefits gained, how to develop concentration and mindfulness and how to use meditation out in today's world. "The practice of going within."

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