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Meditation Teacher Training Certification Program


MTT 300 Hour Certification / Online Classes 

“The Meditation Learning Center”



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 "The Meditation Teacher Training Program"  An Empowering Online Program.


Upon completion of the program the student will gain cognitive and experiential knowledge of every aspect of meditation and finish the program as a confident group and private meditation instructor.


This is an in-depth study program containing five, six class modules that when completed will enable the student to receive the "The Meditation Teacher Training Certification".


A certification program in which all of the 30 classes can be taken online.  

Who Should Attend

Who should attend?                


  • Physicians and Physician Assistants 

  • Nurses and Nurse Practitioners

  • Addiction Counselors 

  • Psychiatrists 

  • Psychologists and Social Workers 

  • Pastoral Counselors

  • Veteran Healthcare Providers

  • Yoga Therapists

  • Massage Therapists and other Body Workers

  • Educators of all kinds

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Complementary & Alternative Medicine Professionals

  • Other Allied Health Professionals

  • Individuals wishing to deepen their practice of meditation


Past Students (Certified Meditation Teachers)


Follow this link to read about some of the past students of this program:    

Why Shane

Why Shane Wilson and this Program?

Shane is recognized as an individual that has a unique ability to simplify the understanding of the mind, make meditation practically applicable in everyday life, and blend East and West to create a systematic approach to self-development that brings about positive change. His goal is to empower people to discover and live their greatest potential by knowing themselves through the practice of meditation, and by taking meditation out into the world to teach others. Shane Believes in teaching people to teach and feels that this is the fastest way to make global improvements.

The Instructors:



Shane Wilson






Shane Wilson founded the Meditation Learning Center in 2002 and is a minister through ordination by the Los Angeles Buddhist Union and the International Order of Buddhist Ministries. He studied meditation throughout the world with American, European, Chinese, Sri Lankan and Thai instructors and is fully dedicated to helping those wishing to experience life with more joy and balance. He believes that by incorporating the correct practice and study of meditation and its related modalities into ones life, this joy and balance can easily be accomplished by everyone.


Shane provides meditation and class instruction for the Arizona International Buddhist Meditation Center of Mesa Arizona (A.I.B.M.C.) as well as providing opportunities through the Meditation Learning Center in the form of classes, courses, retreats and by meeting with individuals as a spiritual mentor and counselor using traditional western therapies along with meditation and mindfulness practices. For more information visit:



Stephanie Cordel



Stephanie Cordel has been involved with the Meditation Learning Center since 2013, assisting with content development for the Meditation Teacher Training Program. She teaches informational presentations on various topics related to meditation including Meditation and the Brain, Contemplative Practices, and Mindfulness-Based Therapies. She also has trained independently in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. With a degree in Child Development, she specializes in working with parents and children ages 5 & up. She also works with Mindfulness First to bring mindfulness programs to children in schools across Maricopa County of Arizona. She is passionate about providing children with mindfulness as a tool to promote positive social and emotional development.You can reach her via email at 

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All five modules are to be completed to receive The Meditation Learning Center - Teacher Training Certification.

Each six-week online module is $240 there are a total of five modules within the program with a total cost of $1,200. Each module can be paid individually as you work your way through the program, or the entire program can be paid in advance at the reduced rate of $1,040 (The student must decide about the full payment option before the start of the second module ) The course study consists of weekly video viewing, study from class handouts, weekly quizzes.  In addition, a final test will be due at the end of each of the five modules.


Any refunds will be considered for total program payments only, prorated based on the individual five-week course price.


Please direct any questions about this program to: or by calling 480.513.7747 (please be prepared to leave a message)


Follow this link for more information via email:


Registration - Payments can be made by check or credit card. 


Pay by credit card or Paypal by selecting one of the modules below you can pay per module or for the complete program. Please keep in mind that all five modules must be completed to receive the program certification. (If new to the program please select module one if paying per module, you can pay the remaining balance at a later time to receive the paid in full discount)


The Meditation Teacher Training Program - Module One

The Meditation Teacher Training Program - Module Two

The Meditation Teacher Training Program - Module Three

The Meditation Teacher Training Program - Module Four

The Meditation Teacher Training Program - Module Five

The Meditation Teacher Training Program - Complete Program with Discount 


If paying by check - Send check for the appropriate amount (depending upon your choice of paying per module, or for the entire program). Include: email address, home or street address, and phone number and mail to:


The Meditation Learning Center
1030 W. 9th Street
Mesa, AZ 85201


(Once a check is received you will be contacted immediately and a notice of receipt will be emailed to you).

Topics Covered:


This program explores  the primary methods of meditation as well as the following topics in detail: 


24 meditation methods from around the world


Anapanasati (Mindfulness of breathing)

Vipassana (insight)

Metta Bhavana

Walking Meditation


Koan meditation


Transcendental meditation


Self Inquiry (Atma Vichara)

The relaxation response

Mantra meditation

Visualization (contemplation, guided visualization)

Passage meditation




Dream yoga


Tai chi chuan



Guided Meditation


Defining Meditation

Knowing what meditation is

Explaining to others what is being taught


The history of meditation

An ancient practice

The early meditators


The function of the brain in meditation

How the brain responds to meditation

Why it works and related brain studies


Using the EEG-understanding brainwaves

Understanding brain waves

Hands-on use of the electroencephalogram (EEG)


Religious and secular aspects of meditation

How religions use meditation

Meditation as a secular practice


Health benefits of meditation

De-stressing with meditation

Evidence of meditation's health effects


The Physiological and Psychological effects of meditation

Physiological changes that occur with regular meditation practice 

The psychological changes that occur with regular meditation practice

Working with ADD


How meditation heals and its effects on specific health conditions


Chronic pain



Coronary artery disease

Cancer and its related symptoms


Identifying guidelines for practicing meditation

Meditation equipment

Meditation postures

The Meditation place


What is insight?

Experiential understanding and how to identify it

Seeing reality

Your true nature



The history of mindfulness

What it can do

How to use mindfulness



Feelings and addictions

What are feelings?

What is an addiction?

Substance abuse

How feelings can lead to addiction


Setting up and promoting a private practice

Advertising what you do

Building confidence in your gift

Getting the word out

Working with the media

Publishing books/articles

When and when not to spend money


Finding employment as a meditation instructor

Working independently


Meditation into your area of work

Working with others


Class organization

Who are you working with?

Time restrictions and allowances

Presenting a lecture

The Power point option

Why present and to whom


Setting up a meditation retreat

Giving retreaters what they want

Retreat duration

The program

Giving the retreater nothing to do


Centering techniques

112 Meditation centering techniques


The hindrances and aids to meditation

The hindrances that cause difficulties for the practice

Using various aids in our meditation practices


Mindfulness and concentration practices

How concentration works

The difference between mindfulness and concentration


Leading a meditation group

Experience in facilitating a meditation class through simulations and assignments 



Topics Covered
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