Certified Meditation Teachers

This is a listing of some of the qualified meditation instructors that have gone through the Meditation Learning Centers, "Teacher Training Program" each instructor is a proven confident teacher of meditation.

Scottie Putman, Ph.D.

Okemos, Michigan


Email: o-sowelu@comcast.net


Scottie teaches management, leadership, creative thinking, and organization development, as well as meditation. She is devoted to exploring new perspectives on the ways we view and manage our organizations and ourselves, believing that by changing the way we think we can learn new ways of working together, learn to work with honor, respect each other, and create a livable, sustainable future of potential. In addition, she is a certified Strengths Advocate, a certified practitioner of Esoteric Healing, and a certified Reiki master and teacher.


Scottie offers opportunities to learn meditation in her courses and consulting (both individuals and organizations), with special attention on working with and for animals. She is co-owner (with her husband Terrill) of O-Sowelu, LLC, Energy Healing for Animals and their People. “To heal” literally means “to become whole”. (Visit the website at: o-sowelu.com)


She believes that meditation and energy work have much in common: according to Dr. J. Geffen in an audio program offered by the Institute of Noetic Sciences, healing is “focused action and intention wrapped in the arms of surrender," to which she asks, is not meditation focus and awareness “wrapped in the arms of surrender”?



Boon Truong-Quang


Elgin, Illinois


Email: boontivatq@gmail.com

Optimum Health

The Classical Indian Yoga for Householder Education Centre


Boontiva Truong-Quang has been spreading the message of good health, peace of mind, moral strength and spiritual enlightenment at Optimum Health, her private yoga studio, for decades. She teaches that yoga is the movement that transcends race, religion, gender, educational, economical and geographical barriers.  She concentrates on channeling the power and energy of Yoga education groups into a wellspring of wisdom that satisfies the thirst for the multi-faceted benefits of Yoga.


“Traveling Yoga aims to spread the good news of yoga through education in school systems, Corporate Wellness Programs, conferences, retreats, hospitals - (including cardiac patients, diabetics, those with lower back pain, HIV positive, addictions, psychiatric problems, respiratory patients), Veterans and Indigenous Peoples and hospice.”


Boontiva utilizes The 8 Fold Path of Patanjali and emphasizes meditation in a holistic and traditional way in an authentic setting, conducive to internalizing concepts. Consultation available on/off location, via Skype.


Ann Frampton
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Ann is retired and has been practicing meditation for twenty years. She has recently completed the Teachers of Meditation Program and is now offering individual and group meditation classes. Her background is in human services and education working both in the field of early childhood education as well as with adult learners, many with disabilities and learning challenges. Annʼs current Mindfulness Meditation Practice includes teaching mindfulness meditation to adults, children and community groups. She hosts weekly classes for beginners and more seasoned meditators, while also providing mindfulness meditation instruction in individual or group sessions. Teaching techniques used to enhance the meditation experience include breath awareness, relaxation guided meditation, singing bowls and music. 
Ann can be reached at:
Facebook/Messenger : Ann Frampton 



Na'Imah Davenport, MSW
Aberdeen, Maryland 
Your Mind Matters Too, LLC
email: Yourmindmatterstoo.com
Na’Imah Davenport is a licensed Social Worker with nearly 20 years of experience in her field. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Morgan State University and a Master’s degree from University of Maryland.  She has experience working with a multitude of populations which include foster care, schools, nursing homes, and hospitals. While all of these positions helped her gain experience teaching meditation it wasn’t until her own patience was tested with her daughters that her need to meditate grew! As a result she began to practice what she preached. As a result Your Mind Matters Too was created and her passion is to help others learn to meditate to proactively decrease everyday stress.
Na'Imah teaches mindfulness meditation in the community (groups), holds individual sessions, and conducts corporate wellness trainings. While there are many benefits of meditation YMMT focuses on the reduction of stress, anxiety, depression and increased mental clarity. Her passion is to focus on mental health professionals to help them overcome stress in the workplace. These are the people who are told to practice self care, however, no one has ever formally taught them how. Visit yourmindmatterstoo.com for details.

Karen Nichols
Austin, TX
Karen has had the benefit of a personal meditation practice for about 30 years and enjoys attending a variety of relevant retreats, conferences, and training sessions in an effort to continually expand her knowledge and practices in the subject matter.  She's honored to add the Meditation Learning Center's 300 hour Meditation Teacher Training Program certification to that list of learnings and qualifications.
Karen has a full-time job at a software company, and so enjoys teaching meditation and mindfulness in her "spare" time on a volunteer basis, mainly for the benefit of less fortunate community members who would not otherwise have the means to attend these types of classes.  Karen offers secular, evidence-based instruction and practice to help participants live a life of more authentic presence.  Delighted that these valuable practices have gained more acceptance in the west and that they are backed by decades of neuroscience studies makes Karen joyful about the prospect of these practices helping to create a better world.


France Dubin

Austin Texas

France teaches meditation at Austin Community College as well as The Meditation Bar in Austin, Texas. One of her classes is called “Simple Meditation”. She believes meditation should not be intimidating. One of her favorite classes is “mindful eating” where her students mindfully enjoy some dark chocolate and a cup of tea.

This summer she stayed at Plum Village in France (Mindfulness Practice Centre in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh). Since then, she has been walking more slowly...

France can be reached at: MeditateWithFrance@gmail.com

Joseph Knasinski 
Waukesha, Wisconsin
Joseph offers personalized meditation training for individuals and especially loves to work with beginners. He will help you develop a daily meditation practice designed around your goals and lifestyle. Joseph also offers small group training as well as corporate training. The meditation techniques offered focus on Buddhist traditions as well as Western contemplative practices such as Centering Prayer. 
Joseph can be reached at: jknasinski@minduntangled.com


Sandy Orkin

Sherman Oaks California

Sandy Orkin began his practice of Meditation more than 40 years ago with TM and Silva. When he migrated from Chicago to Los Angeles in the early 80’s  and joined a meditation group taught by Master Teacher Leong Tan from Malaysia where he studied various  teaching/practices of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. A personal study of Eastern Philosophies ensued. Later Meditation guidance came from former long term accomplished students (some therapists) of Leong. During the past 10 years, Sandy has attended retreats, learned Mindfulness (Kabat-Zinn/Kornfield style) and he has attended a 10 day silent retreat in Northern California practicing Vipassana Meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka . For the past few years Sandy has been teaching Meditation/Mindfulness to Hospice volunteers, actors and privately. His newly established website is www.themeditationtree.com . Now certified by the Meditation Learning Center, Sandy is hoping to broaden his teaching base among individuals, businesses, and schools. His email address is sandyorkin@themeditationtree.com Sandy is a voice actor (commercials & audio books, etc.) , a hospice volunteer and leads grief support groups. https://www.linkedin.com/in/sandyorkin/


Ladina Trombley-Hartmann
Red Deer, Alberta - Canada
I teach with the intention to bring more awareness into people's lives.
To slow down and breathe...
To feel... to hear... to see from the heart... to just be...
I have been teaching yoga for many years and have been teaching meditation for a a few years as well.
I feel very strongly about meditation.
The silence is very powerful and peaceful! 
I incorporate meditation and yoga also in my Massage therapy sessions and Reiki and Soundhealing.
I love to work with people and animals. Mostly in small groups or private.
At the beginning you have to make room for meditation and yoga but after awhile they make room for you! 
Red Deer, Alberta

Michael David Ware

Palm Bay, Florida

Michael David Ware is the owner of Iammindfull, a business dedicated to educating, healing, teaching, mentoring and speaking about mindfulness. He has worked with many illuminaries over the past thirty years: rinpoches, shamans, faith healers and other light and energy workers, including two days sitting with his holiness the Dalai Lama in Copenhagen.

Michael's primary focus has been teaching children mindfulness and meditation in the public school system, at yoga studios, and in private sessions. He has witnessed children shift from medicated to mindful through his awareness teachings. His passion for helping children has expanded overseas in his support of an orphanage in Honduras for many years.

Michael provides education and tools to help you make your life and your business thrive. Through action with compassion, Michael supports you in reaching your inherent unlimited potential. He understands what you choose to manifest in your life, and is committed to helping you grow and blossom into your most expansive divine expression. He offers one on one coaching, as well as individuals, families, corporations, and countries .

Michael can be reached @ 352-400-3618, mware1671@aol.com, and through his web site www.iammindfull.org and on Facebook www.Facebook.com/iammindfull

 Angie McArthur 

Park City, Utah

Angie is a co-founder and CEO of Professional Thinking Partners, and since joining the company in 1998 has co-facilitated and designed global conferences, leadership retreats, training programs,in organizations from non-profits to Fortune 500s. She does professional one-on-one coaching. She is the co-author of two books by Random House: Collaborative Intelligence, and Relational Intelligence (2017). Angie is also one of the creators of the Worldwide Women’s Web, a network formed in 2001 to retain women in corporate leadership roles. She works with clients to integrate meditation and mindfulness as part of a personal sustainability strategy.www.cqthebook.com & www.ptp-partners.com www.linkedin.com/angiemcarthur

Maa Karuna (Carmela Curatolo)
Lugano / Switzerland
Since early age she had as aspiration for spirituality and more than 20 years ago she met the teaching of the Buddha, which gave her the feeling to have found the answers to her questions about life and its meaning. During her first visit to Thailand and the variety of temples she decided that one day she would retire in a monastery. Thereafter she began to study Buddhism, Taoism and Yoga. For 13 years she has worked as a Human Resources Consultant and Trainer, supporting people in there difficulties, and since 2008 she combines the Life Coach techniques in her daily life for her self and individuals.
In 2010 Maa Karuna (after many other meditation, Qi Gong, and Yoga retreats) started her journey into the Vipassana Meditation with Dharma Org of Goenka, and there since she has done many 10 days retreats. Actually she is doing other retreats (21 days) in the Theravada Buddhist tradition. She has done the MBSR 8 weeks protocol, and is certified as a Meditation Teacher (Vipassana and Mindfulness), as well as Yoga Teacher.
Maa Karuna leads daily yoga classes (Hatha, Yoga Therapy, Yin Yoga and Yin & Yang Yoga) and a weekly mediation class (Vipassana, Mindfulness and Yoga Nidra), for groups and individuals in her Center in Lugano.
Contact information: info@maakaruna.com, www.maakaruna.com, +41 77 458 44 39

Nicole A. Mikel-Swani

Yellow springs Ohio
Nicole A. Mikel-Swani owns YS Life Coaching and Meditation in Yellow Springs Ohio. She is a 2005 graduate of the Ohio Academy of Holistic Health, and a 2016 graduate of the Meditation Learning Center. She is a Clinical Holistic Health Practitioner, Clinical Holistic Life Coach, and Certified Meditation Teacher.

She owned The Earth's Center, a full-service holistic health center, in downtown Tipp City from 2005-2015. You also may have seen her working at Body & Soul, a natural health store, from 2004-2010. Nicole spent a year offering guided imagery meditation activities at a local chain of nursing homes. She was an instructor in the holistic and nursing programs at the Ohio Institute of Allied Health from 2007-2015.

She enjoys studying eastern philosophy, teaching others about meditation ( goal and non-goal oriented techniques ), and helping others learn new perspectives of life experiences through Holistic Life Coaching and meditation. 
Her style of Holistic Life Coaching ( which if you know her, you know isn't just for setting positive intentions, but primarily focuses on sharing new perspectives she's learned from eastern philosophy,  pertaining to your situation that will blow your mind ), she also offers a service with individual appointments teaching one on one meditation. Nicole will help you explore different methods of meditation in order to help you determine which is best for you ( and point you in the right direction ). She provides you with basic meditation instructions and will practice with you to help you get comfortable. She also offers meditation retreats in Yellow Springs, OH. 
Contact information: 

Brittney Van Matre

Amsterdam, Netherlnds

Brittney is a recovered worrier, writer, traveler, spirituality seeker, and small business owner at Löv Teas (www.lovteas.com). After spending 6 years in a perpetual state of worry, she overcame panic and anxiety through self-designed tools, meditation, and world travel. She has since traveled to over 30 different countries, lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and is determined to help guide others on an inner journey toward stillness – living lives of adventure, in the face of fear. 

Brittney enjoys sharing her love of meditation, self-development, and personal discovery at her blog: www.brittneyvanmatre.com.  

She additionally thrives off creating new premium, organic, loose-leaf teas at her company Löv. Löv botanicals are sourced ethically and a portion of sales go back to marginal family farmers worldwide. 

Social Media Connections:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brittneyvanmatre, https://www.facebook.com/lovteas

Twitter: https://twitter.com/brasstackslovin, https://twitter.com/LovTeas

Instagram: @sitwithit, @lovteas

Contact: Brittney@brittneyvanmatre.com or hellolov@lovteas.com 

Chuck Fenigstein
Gilbert, Az.
Chuck Fenigstein has over 30 years of professional experience in facilitating the healing, growth and development of others. He has worked as a C.E.O.,C.O.O, Hospital Administrator, Clinical Director,Therapist,Trainer, Mediator, and Consultant. 
Chuck specializes in teaching Mindfulness, Meditation, Spiritual Counseling and Therapy for addictions and distractions. Chuck believes that the root of dis-ease, distraction, fear and insecurity, are attributed to people, ‘not living’ what they truly value or believe. Chuck assists individuals to learn to come back to, “who they know they truly are” and return to the values and beliefs they already know exit inside themselves.
Chuck has deep compassion for those who find themselves  suffering the consequences of any form of dis-ease. As a seasoned professional and also as a person living the life of recovery and spirituality, he understands the devastating results of not living according to one’s values. In his career, he has worked with a wide variety of people, including professional athletes, entertainers and corporate executives. 
Chuck became interested in Meditation and Mindfulness in college and taught Philosophy at University of Kentucky. He has a MS.Ed and has been a long time practitioner of Mindfulness and Meditation and is a Certified Meditation Teacher, as well as a licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor.
The wealth of knowledge, skill and experience he has gained in these areas is enriched and supported by his diverse and extensive athletic background involving many years of disciplined training in Marital Arts and highly competitive participation in a variety of sports.
The treatment philosophy utilized by Chuck is a holistic one. As an Mindfulness and Meditation practitioner and teacher, Licensed Addiction Counselor,  professional musician, and  athlete, Chuck’s approach to treatment includes the widely evidenced based, researched standard-of-care modalities and additionally incorporates Mindfulness, Meditation and spiritual resources which encourage the development of individual integrity, emphasize responsibility, and aid in the redefining of key personal values, goals and dreams.
Chuck encourages, empowers and inspires individuals to commit to  daily healthy lifestyle changes, that are congruent  and consistent with their  personal values. Chuck is also consistent in living this in his daily life.
Chuck enjoys time with his wife, yoga, meditation, sports, playing music, being in nature, travel and sharing meaning, purpose and spirituality with others.

Lori Andrus

Healthy Impact, LLC

Apache Junction and East Valley, Arizona

Lori is a registered nurse and healthcare educator.  For more than 25 years she has worked with individuals with chronic illness, assisting them to make the lifestyle changes necessary to successfully meet their health challenges.  Her vision is to incorporate meditation and mindfulness practices along with healthcare education to help individuals achieve optimal wellness.  

Lori is a Certified Meditation Instructor.  She holds an Academic Certificate in Healthcare Education and is a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association.  She is available for individual or small group instruction in mindfulness meditation.  She can also be contacted for meditation and mindfulness training specific to nurses and healthcare workers who are seeking ways to overcome stress related to the workplace.

Contact Lori at Healthy Impact, LLC


Phone:  480-323-0689

E-mail:  loriandrus@healthyimpactllc.com

Jennifer Hoeprich, CPM, CHt


Tempe, Arizona




Facebook:  Moxie Midwifery, Moxie Meditation

Weekly Meditation Group for Pregnant Women, “Meditation for Mamas” Every Monday from 6:30pm to 8pm at Moxie Midwifery

Jennifer works exclusively with women and specializes in pregnancy and postpartum. 

Contact information:

Email: jennifer@moxiemidwifery.com

Address: 8400 S. Kyrene Rd. Ste. 120 Tempe, AZ 85284

Call Moxie Meditation:



Jim Pollock
Oshawa,  Canada
Jim takes his metaphysical interests throughout his life experience. Academic achievements include undergrad degrees in mathematics and business and commerce with varied careers, labor and entrepreneurial endeavors.  Athletics and fitness have been close friends. He remains active through the YMCA.,  Law of Attraction and Shambhala and formal practice. Continuing education includes social media and The Meditation Learning Centers online courses. Returning to Arizona one day is a desirable possibility.  

Stephanie Cordel

Greater Phoenix Area of Arizona

Stephanie Cordel has been involved with the Meditation Learning Center since 2013, assisting with content development for the Meditation Teacher Training Program. She teaches informational presentations on various topics related to meditation including Meditation and the Brain, Contemplative Practices, and Mindfulness-Based Therapies. With a degree in Child Development, she specializes in working with families and teaches mindfulness classes for children and parents across Maricopa County. She is passionate about providing mindfulness education to children and parents as a tool to support positive well-being, decrease stress and promote a greater family connection. To learn more about Stephanie and her work, visit growingmindfully.com. You can also contact her at stephanie@growingmindfully.com

 Jennifer Roy
 Alberta, Canada
Jennifer works with parents, children and youth to help them understand and explore their emotions and even learn to allow themselves to honor and appropriately release all of their emotions, even the ones labelled "bad." For our souls to grow, we must FEEL our emotions, for it is in our emotions a wealth of insight and wisdom is gained. Jen provides a safe and supportive environment for her clients to do so. Using Touch For Health & Energy work, and primarily Mindfulness Meditation, as well as Meditation, Visualization and Relaxation Techniques, Jen helps her clients look at limiting beliefs, destructive patterns, conditioning, and self-esteem, while providing emotional and stress management tools for children and youth that are easily incorporated and used in their daily lives.
Jennifer teaches children's group Self-esteem & Relaxation classes, and youth's Basic Mindfulness group classes, for setting up their own formal and informal practise.
Jen can also be contacted to help in setting up a family meditation practise.
Jen is Meditation Teacher Training Certified, Certificate of Completion in Mindfulness Curriculum K-12 and is a Certified Children's Relaxation Teacher.

Gena Tunder
Tempe / Chandler, Arizona
In 2010, Gena began practicing mindfulness meditation (vipassana) and currently facilitates a weekly meditation group at the Arizona International Buddhist Meditation Center in Mesa.  Gena's teaching is based on vipassana as taught in the Theravada Buddhist tradition; however, meditation may be adapted for any faith or no faith.        
Gena provides meditation instruction in individual or small group settings for those interested in learning how to calm the mind and body in today's fast paced world.      
Contact  information:  genatunder@gmail.com  Ph:  602-703-2443

																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																Tiffany Weis

Payson and East Valley Phoenix, Arizona

Twitter: @BohoCoach
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/pub/Tiffany-Weis/13/4a8/75/en
Tiffany is a self esteem life coach and certified Kundalini yoga teacher with over a decade of experience each. She's taught at the Chandler-Gilbert YMCA, Freestone Rec Center, Bodyworks Studio, two assisted living centers, two behavioral health centers, and at Banner Desert Hospital, in Oncology, plus several conferences, boot camps and retreats.  She lead the morning Meditation sessions for several years at the "Celebrate Your Life" conferences, both in the Valley and in Chicago. She currently leads a Women's Empowerment lunch circle (which includes some Breathing and Meditation) every Tuesday at the Sweet Shoppe in Payson AZ from noon to 1:30. Her specialties are Gentle Yoga/chair assist, managing anxiety, authentic self esteem, and connecting with Life Purpose. Her special interest is genuine Well Being, on all levels.

Pamela White

Tempe, Arizona

www.aspirelifecoaching.weebly.com;  Facebook:  Aspire Life Coaching, Meet Up:  Tempe Breathe and Guided Meditation Group (Tuesdays);  Mindfulness.org.

Pamela works with Individuals; Groups; Children; In the areas of Domestic Violence Victims; Substance Abuse Clients,  ADHD Clients; Pain Management and Anxiety Clients.

Contact information: pjwhite2424@yahoo.com ;  Contact:  aspirelifecoaching.weebly.com;  Personal message@ Aspire Life Coaching on Facebook

Call Aspire Life Coaching and Wellness:

Pamela White, 480-390-8448