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The Meditation Learning Center Provides Ongoing Gatherings In The Phoenix AZ Area - For More Information Take A Look At Our Calendar: https://www.meetup.com/East-Valley-Meditation-Group/events/calendar/

GATHERINGS HELD AT "THE MEDITATION LEARNING CENTER" - 1030 West 9th Street, Mesa Arizona 85201

  • WEDNESDAY NIGHT MEDITATION GROUP - Shane Wilson - This gathering is also streamed live on youtube ( http://www.youtube.com/c/ShaneWilson)        Every Wednesday 7:00 PM - MLC - 1030 W 9th Street, Mesa AZ 85201​

  • FRIDAY EVENING DHARMA OF RECOVERY GROUP - Addiction Recovery Meditation Gathering - Every Friday Evening 7:00 PM - Maureen Bradley, Facilitator - MLC 1030 W 9th Street, Mesa AZ 85201 

  • BI-WEEKLY (see calendar) DIRECT POINTING - NONDUAL TEACHINGS - every other Tuesday Evening - MLC 1030 west 9th Street. Mesa AZ

  • BI-WEEKLY (see calendar) NO MUD, NO LOTUS - Buddhist Dhamma Discussion Group - Every other Sunday. 3:00 PM​

GATHERINGS HELD AT AIBMC a Buddhist Temple - 432 South Temple Street, Mesa Arizona

  • SUNDAY MORNING MEDITATION GATHERING - AIBMC - 9:00 AM - 432 S Temple Street Mesa AZ-Gena Tunder - Facilitator

  • THURSDAY EVENING - AIBMC - Different Teachers weekly - Every Thursday 7:00 PM 432 S Temple Street, Mesa AZ













Nondual Satsang


Starting April 2 - Every other Tuesday


Join Shane Wilson for "Direct Pointing"

By Donation - Recordings Available for those unable to attend (see below)


Direct pointing is a bi-weekly satsang/workshop that includes group dialog. These are casual and welcoming meetings where a facilitator and a group of people meet in a quiet setting and work toward the understanding of non-dual awareness and the disassociation with a self that is experienced as being separate from anything, or anybody. We work with various approaches that help clear the way for the comprehension of our true nature.


" There is nothing separating us from what we are except our ideas about what we are"

When awareness meets experience without preference or resistance, this is the mind that properly identifies with thoughts and looks at memories or stories of the past, and plans for the future with clarity. In “Direct Pointing” we look at how the mind process works as a whole, how thoughts are identified with, and how we identify with experience. Furthermore, we look for possible areas in life were we maybe holding back from realizing and living our true nature or unconditioned awareness.


                                                         "What is the experience of complete freedom from attachment to anything".

Direct Pointing allows the participant the opportunity to understand their relationship with the self view and how this view of a "self", that is often seen or felt as being separate from the world, arises as thoughts and stories. All of this resulting in our everyday struggles and difficulties. Direct Pointing is a clearing away of the negative personal stories about the "self". A pointing at the possibilities that offer an expansion of our awareness beyond preference and the desire to have our world other than what it presently is.


"Imagine the experience of having to no longer defend or protect this sense of self". 

Presented will be methods of directly pointing one to their true nature by explanation, identification, and experiencing. The methods used will be meditation and self inquiry  practices, along with hands on dialectic and written exercises. Included will be group discussions aided by direct questioning to stimulate self inquiry.  A structured program that works at building dependable and clear cognitive behavior,  improvement in concentration. "Direct Pointing" is a wonderful aid in building a happier life through the clarity of mind that is a result of the understanding of our true nature.  


This group meets every other Tuesday evenings 7:00 - 8:30 P.M. @ The Meditation Learning Center


-Further Information about receiving recorded videos of these sessions-

There is very limited space although these meetings we be recorded for those unable to attend. The video recordings can be viewed by making a donation in the exact amount of $9.99 per month of service. this amount will distinguish that you would like to receive bi-weekly recordings of these sessions. Once the donation is received we will have your email address and you will be emailed the video information and will be able to view each session at your convenience.

Go to our main page and scroll to the paypal link below to make your $9.99 donation

Main Page link: http://www.meditationlearningcenter.com/home.html






Ladies Grow Group


Have you ever considered that you may be experiencing blocks to achieving all things you desire, such as loving relationships, career fulfillment, financial abundance, and creative abilities? Our thoughts become our beliefs and we absolutely DO have power over them!


For the last year and a half, I have been facilitating a Women’s’ Spiritual Grow Group. The basic premise is to learn to awaken and/or increase spiritual consciousness (through awareness of our thoughts and thinking process) to better our own lives and those we are close to. 


I have an AMAZING core group of 9 women (plus myself) and would like to add one or two more. We meet at my home in South Gilbert every other Tuesday from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. A committed, steady group establishes trust, confidence and confidentiality, and this is key to actively participate in our own growth as well as those in the group and beyond.


For each session, I choose and research (and you can also have a say) material for discussion and offer tools and techniques regularly. So far, we have explored important topics, critical to the personal and spiritual growth we are seeking:


Our Life's Purpose

The Five Hindrances (A Buddhist concept)

Law of Attraction

Meditation Styles

Vibrational Scale of Consciousness

Pendulums and dowsing

Dreams/Lucid Dreaming


These are just a few and the discussions are always lively and exciting!


I serve light snacks and drinks and there is no cost, but donations are welcome.

For information about being a part of this group contact Terri at: Tfiferaz@gmail.com






“I have known Terri Fifer for several years and have attended many metaphysical workshops/classes together.

I have always been impressed with Terri’s well rounded knowledge in metaphysical, psychological, and spiritual subjects and how she has incorporated this profound devotion of study into her life. She is the real deal, highly intuitive, sincere, with honest insightful feedback.


She has the remarkable ability to see into one’s personal challenges with great understanding and compassion. What is even more exciting is her guidance has always been uplifting, and accurate.

Her knowledge and experience puts her in an extraordinary category. Terri’s insights have been invaluable to me.

With whatever Terri is called upon to do she gives the endeavor 100 percent." Warm Regards,
Cynthia S. Medford, OR


I never needed a therapist!! Lol! In my life!With Terri in
“I met Terri 14 years ago and she has never been anything but genuine, caring, loving, compassionate and exceptionally smart!
she has given me the best advice!! She is more informative, intuitive and smarter than any therapist I ever encountered!opinion



Terri is a beautiful soul!!
I just love and adore her and you will too!!


Tina S. Chandler, AZ


“I have known Terri since 1992. Her life has taken her in many directions, and she has bravely tackled each challenge and come out in a better place. I have watched her grow in so many ways. She is always available to help me when I really need a friend and she is so knowledge about how we work as humans. Terri has learned how to "smell the roses" every day and I feel it every time I talk with her She has made more positive changes than anyone I have ever known. It has been wonderful for me to see this friend turn into this amazing woman.”


Pat W. Ellicott City, MD