Loving Mindfulness


There are many of us who have learned to or are learning to incorporate mindfulness into our thinking and actions on a daily basis. Practicing mediation is a key element to taking control of the thinking process, and in doing so; allows us to become mindful.  The more we practice...the more we reduce the chatter in our minds which left unchecked...leads to a great deal of our dissatisfaction with our lives.

As we grow, we begin to apply this into every area of our experience. One area that should be explored in our quest for making the correlation between our thoughts and the subsequent experiences we have is Love. Love in general/towards all, of course is the beginning. Recognize that we need not take the actions of other humans as personal as we realize they are generally acting out of their own pain. Even when behaviors seems deliberately hurtful; we can start to perceive this from a higher place and have the understanding that everyone is acting according to the lessons they are working on achieving and conquering in this lifetime. We can learn to see everyone through the eyes of Love and forgiveness and in doing so...find the greatest healing and growth for ourselves.

Let's say we have “mastered” some of this.  At least to the point where we have found a true loving partner, not the usual co-dependent type of relationship which seems the most common. How do we remain vigilant to keep the Love on a path of joy? Loving Mindfulness is the answer.  In the same manner that we become mindful about words we choose, we can learn to become mindful in our interactions with our partner. Falling in Love typically produces a rush of energy, a cocktail of brain chemicals and excitement in the beginning. It is very common to experience a fading of these qualities as time goes by. We “let out hair down”, get a little too comfortable and before we realize what has happened...something has changed between partners. Applying mindfulness in every interaction with our mate creates and helps to maintain a deep sense of appreciation for each other. Remember to say loving things daily (because you of course are thinking them), extend a gesture of pure kindness each day, and never forget or take for granted the beautiful physical connection that brought you together as 'more than friends'.  Take great care to not let resentments build because of perceived unmet expectations, as this will break down the relationship over time. Communicate in a loving way if you feel that your partner has done something to hurt you. Chances are, he or she is not even aware of it and will confused by your actions.

Appreciate...praise...respect...be childlike...enjoy the precious gift of Love.

Terri Fifer

Clear View / The Meditation Learning Center