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A One Day Silent Meditation Retreat

April 26th 2020


Our one day retreats facilitated by Shane Wilson and the Meditation Learning Center, include alternating sitting and walking meditation as well as a delicious healthy lunch. Teachings and instruction will help you enjoy the experience. You can expect a wonderful day of healing silence and concentrated, insightful meditation. Check out the schedule below.

Shane Wilson, the retreat facilitator, is a Buddhist minister, he has studied meditation throughout the world with many gifted teachers. He regularly teaches at the Arizona International Buddhist Meditation Center and through the Meditation Learning Center by facilitating meditation gatherings, workshops, retreats and running a private practice.

A lunch will be provided and coffee and tea will be available throughout the day as well as snacks. Please feel free to bring your own water or water bottle if you prefer.

This retreat is being held at the Meditation Learning Center. 1030 West 9th Street, Mesa AZ 85201. Services are provided through the Meditation Learning Center

The sits will be 40 minutes with 20 minute walks in between. Teachings and instruction will be available, expect a wonderful day of silent and concentrated meditation practices.  A schedule is available below,

Please consider bringing A meditation cushion and zabuton, and comfortable clothes. There will be chairs available and extra cushions if you don’t have one. You may also consider bringing a shawl or cover or whatever provides personal comfort for you.

Please arrive early (8:30-8:15AM) to get settled so that we can begin promptly at 9AM.

Because of the small number of people allowed and the numbers that are turned away, and the no-show registrations that have been apart of past retreats that were based on donations  we now charge the small fee that is a part of this retreat registration. This fee is without a cancelation refund less than 30 days out so please keep this in mind. (SORRY- THERE ARE NO REFUNDS WITHIN 30 DAYS OF THE RETREAT). 

The Meditation Learning Center provides a retreat like this every other month and feels that it is an important part of one's formal meditation practice.

One Day Sche

One Day Silent Meditation Retreat Schedule

Meditation Learning Center Day longs

One Day Meditation Retreat Schedule


The Meditation Learning Center - With Shane Wilson


9:00 am - Opening Circle - Instructions - Talk

10:00 am - Meditation

10:40 am - Walking Meditation

11:00 am - Sitting Meditation

11:40 am - Walking Meditation

12:00 - Sitting meditation

12:30 pm - Lunch

1:30 pm - Talk - Instructions

2:00 pm - Sitting Meditation

2:40 pm - Walking Meditation

3:00 pm - Sitting Meditation

3:40 pm - Walking Meditation

4:00 pm - Sitting Meditation - Group Discussion - Closing Circle

5:00 - Conclude


Above is the typical one day retreat format that is followed at the Meditation Learning Center

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