Mindful Manifestations

Meditation & Goal setting

We as humans should know, that we have the ability to think ourselves and our world into being. As humans and as our true nature reveals, we have the ability to manifest, if we think of something with determination and conviction there stands a very good chance that  it will happen. If this wanting is beneficial for ourselves and others we can almost count on it happening, particularly if we allow the time and patients that is sometimes required to allow it to materialize. 


We cannot manifest as long as there is fear or anger, worrying about the future past, or doubt in this ability, which is possibly the largest obstacle. And perhaps most of all we have to be able to let go of the strong desire for something to come about in a certain way.

With meditation being a practice in renunciation and letting go how does goal setting or intention setting play into this? The steps of manifestation, if we might call it that, are as follows:







Detachment, from result


Vision - is similar to insight, it is a scene of the way things could be such as a picture of being.

Desire - is a non-sticky non-attachment related wish for things to be a certain way which is very powerful when we think in terms of helping others, in the service of others. Treating others the way we would like to be treated for example.

Belief - is having the faith and allowing the doubt to drop away believing that something can be particularly if it's virtuous for us and others

Acceptance - is receiving the different tools and different methods that may be presented for the outcome of what our vision is.

Intention - is what we wish to do once our vision has been completed. What is next in line, what is our intention once this is completed, what is next?

Action - is the step that is initiating the flow of all of the above, and each step that follows. Knowing that the course of action may have to be changed but having a very clear understanding of the steps that ore to be taken next - always knowing whats next!.

Detachment from result - this is the key to goal setting, this is the renunciation aspect that is talked about and practiced in meditation. Detachment from the result is a letting go of the desire for things to be different than what they currently are.

If we have a goal in mind and behind that is a desired concrete result, we will become stressed and as a result suffer from the consequences of our attachment to the results of our vision. Although very subtle we want to have a clear vision of the future for ourselves and others without attachment to the result. This is a dropping away of the need for control which is a form of liberation. Freedom from the desire for something to be a particular way is a falling away of desire, a view of the wordily condition of impermanence, and a practice in letting go. If we can look at our ability to manifest and to allow inspiration to be a part of our meditation practice, we and others are benefiting form it.