Road Blocks and the Path

Question from a student

The question was..."When life keeps putting up roadblocks how do I keep going, how do I get on the right path" ?

We have to keep in mind that what is delivered to us in life is what we are supposed to receive. Also keeping in mind that every experience is a lesson of some sort and that we must learn these lessons until it is truly learned. I work with people daily and some are diagnosed with cancerous tumors, some are addicts, some are plagued with stress but all are going through the same thing in that they are given an opportunity to experience life and everything it has to offer. If we think things should be any different than what they currently are, we will suffer. This being the primary teaching. If we think something bad is happening, it will be happening.

The key to getting on the right path is to know that the right path is not what happened back in our past, and its not what will happen in our future. The path has nothing to do with us, at all because as soon as we think we have to be on our path, we are thrown into the past or into fixing something in the future. Peace is now and now is all there is. The past and the future are only mind, that means suffering is only mind as well.

When we accept things for what they are, the world changes because the subconscious mind can be happy and complete at anytime. It is the cognitive or thinking mind that can not accept things for what they are.