Letter to a Friend

I Feel Incomplete!

You are already complete in every way. There is in now way you can not be complete in this moment. If there is any thought contrary to this it will cause some degree of suffering. That is the only difference between ones being happy or  unhappy and the great this is, is that we can learn this from our self in the form of feelings and thoughts. If you notice when you are truly happy. You'll find that It is when you are free from any of the hindrances. But what that means ids that there is only "this"... this and nothing more that is asked of or needed or to be fixed, as well as nothing more that is that is being ask of you from you. So there is the realization that this is it, and I am complete because everything else is an illusion. The only getting ahead or changes that can even be made are through perception it is all mental and only thoughts, so we think our way into being incomplete. And, we can think our selves into being complete. We must love our selves unconditionally and in that unconditional love we find completeness, and then oneness, and that is when it all becomes selfless because it all turns into love. We create, through the mind, a self that is not in the mix with life. When the self is in the mix.....it is just that...in the mix and it all becomes one. No separation. No self.

This seeing or understanding comes and goes all day long for us. When there is happiness there is completeness and no self. the moment the self is incomplete there is a separateness from the world, and the individual is born again.it can appear and disappear all day long. Extend those moments of oneness or what can be called love. and in these moments or places of mind (mind states) you will be complete, because nothing more will be needed. Just like unconditional love for all and of course this includes you but you are just a part of the mix.

Much love,