An Excersise

"You as Awareness"


An Exercise in, “You as Awareness”

In this exercise we are going to attempt to realize our true nature as being one single experience and nothing beyond awareness its self.


We begin by looking either at an object, or in a class situation such as this, I would like you to look at me!


Tell me everything you see and I will make a list. Tell me in words. What do you see when you look at me?


[Write down and review all of the labels that were used to describe the view of you, or in another situation, to describe the object viewed]


Show them how:

·       all of these words are merely labels

·       See how these labels are being used to define four things

o  Skin

o  Hair

o  Teeth

o  Nails

·       Furthermore, funnel these down to

§  Form or shape

§  Color


Now let’s take notice of where one thing seems to start, and seems to end.

·       Can a beginning and end of a shape be found?

·       Where is the edge?

Looking at your own hand

·       Where does your hand stop being a hand,

o  At the wrist?

o  Exactly where at the wrist?

o  Where does the arm start?

o  Where does the arm stop being an arm?

In reality these are just labels and you, as awareness, are simply seeing shape and color


This is the extent of our awareness in terms of site or seeing. We are only seeing shape and color.

The same can to said of Sound.


Close your eyes and simply listen. . . .What do you hear?

·       Name each sound [car, voice, motor, furnace, door, wind, dog, etc…]

·       Next, give the sound a descriptive label in terms of texture and form or shape [soft, hard, light, heavy,]

·       Next give each sound a color. . .[blue, green, white, black,]

·        Now after playing with sound try to find a beginning or end to any sound


With the eyes still closed, Notice the sensations of the body.

·       Are there any aches or pains?

·       Be aware of the temperature against the skin and label it [cool, warm, hot, etc..]

·       Go deeper into the body, what do you feel?

·       Ask yourself, setting the labels a side, is there anything happening other than sensation?

·       Is there anything more that an awareness of sensation.

·       Is it possible to see that that is all there is, an experience or noticing of awareness


Bring your attention to thought. Notice the movement of mind.

What is being experienced when you bring attention to a thought?

·       Can you find a beginning or end to any of the thoughts you are noticing

·       What is doing the noticing

·       Is there awareness of the thought?

·       Now ask! what part are you! The thought or the awareness or neither?

·       Is awareness always there?

·       Does thought just happen?


Discussion Questions:

Are you awareness or is it just a knowing that awareness is there?

Is there a beginning or end to anything?

In seeing, can it really be only form and color?

Were you actually exploring you! Or was there an awareness of the senses and the body and mind?



What is the benefit of this exercise?