Eight Week Concentration/Jhana Meditation Course

Each Monday Evening starting March 30th - 7:00-8:30 pm at the Meditation Learning Center in Mesa, AZ. 


Offered By:

Ryan Nemec and The Meditation Learning Center




This 8-week course is intended to help beginning (and seasoned!) meditators develop concentration within

their practice.  In this course we will focus on developing concentration to attain the deeper states of meditation.

Meditation leads to a stilling of mental activity using awareness and concentration. We will learn how to quiet the

mind and body, let go of negative thought patterns and how to incorporate these powerful practices in all aspects of our lives.

Learn how meditation can lead to benefits including reduced stress, improved concentration, better mind/body connection and

general happiness. By the end of the course you’ll have the tools to establish your own practice and you’ll be ready to

start seeing positive changes in your life.



Topics that will be covered include:

  • Meditation Basics

  • Breath Meditation 

  • Mindfulness

  • Why concentration practice is so important

  • Developing Concentration

  • Working with the Hindrances

  • Loving Friendliness

  • The Jhana States


Each week will introduce new techniques and concepts that will help you build your meditation skills through discussion and practice. There will be weekly reading assignments with email communications to help in your understanding of the material. 


What to bring: 

  • An Open Mind!

  • Journal/Notebook

  • Meditation cushion (if you have one), however chairs, floor cushions and zabutons will be available. 


Ryan Nemec is a Meditator, Mountain Biker, Camper, Kayaker, Didgeridoo Player, Photographer, Martial Artist, Teacher, Traveler, and Husband.

Ryan’s journey with meditation began in 2012 as an answer to chronic depression. Under Shane Wilson’s guidance, Ryan began practicing Vipassana and Jhana meditation with an emphasis on working with Hindrances (negative mind states). Ryan is a daily meditator (usually accompanied by his 2 dogs!) and every year looks forward to the Meditation Learning Center’s retreats, especially the 4-day silent retreats in Payson, AZ. In 2018, Ryan completed the Meditation Teacher Training Program through the Meditation Learning Center. Ryan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and looks forward to using his teaching experience and his personal journey to bring meditation to those who need it.

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