Eight Week Online Meditation Program

Essential Meditation Practices

Discovering YOU, Through Meditation.

Saturdays Mornings starting October 31st - 10:00-11:30 pm - (For eight consecutive weeks) ONLINE

Offered By:

Shane Wilson and The Meditation Learning Center




This 8-week course is intended to help beginning (and seasoned!) meditators to understand and use the primary Buddhist

meditation practices.  In this program we will focus on developing insight, concentration, tranquility

to attain the deeper states of oneness with all of life and more peace of mind in daily living.

Each class will be available to you in the comfort of your home through zoom. The classes will be recorded and made available in the situation of a missed class. There will be time for practice and Q and A. 

We will be working with the essential Buddhist meditation practices including Vipassana and Jhana as well as exploring techniques and practices that help to incorporate profound oneness and focus on abidinging in the present moment awareness. We will explore meditation practices that can be used to surrender as well as create and change your outer world by changing your inner world. 

Learn how to:
Quiet the mind and body, let go of negative thought patterns and how to incorporate these powerful practices in all aspects of our lives.

Learn how meditation can lead to benefits including reduced stress, improved concentration, better mind/body connection and

general happiness. By the end of the course you’ll have the tools to establish your own practice and you’ll be ready to

start seeing positive changes in your life.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Meditation Basics 

  • Manifestation through Meditation

  • Breath Meditation as a setup practice

  • Vipassana 

  • The Importance of Surrender

  • Jhana and Tranquility

  • Developing Concentration

  • Using Meditation to Heal

  • Loving Kindness


Each week will introduce new techniques and concepts that will help you build your meditation skills through discussion and practice. There will be weekly practises with email communications to help in your understanding of the material. 


Shane will is the founder of the Meditation Learning Center and has taught meditation for more than two decades and has been a practitioner for more that thirty years. A Buddhist Minister  and former Buddhist Monk shane uses meditation as a tool to share with others how the practice of meditation can health and enhance all aspects of life. A counselor, musician and author, Shane dedicates his life to helping others find peace of mind in daily living, a completeness in life.  Register below or follow this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/124915334127

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