Pain Management Through Meditation

New Approaches to Pain Relief  


Mindfulness Meditation and Pain Management.  

Starts January 3rd, 2019  7-9:00PM                                         

A program for new or experienced meditators designed and taught 
by Dr. Karen Peifer  


The program is designed for people who are living with chronic pain and want to learn different approaches to managing pain without drugs or with less drugs. learn new pain management strategies. Bring a caregiver or family member at a reduced rate.


The classes are based on Dr. Peifer's personal experience with meditation practices to manage pain and fears related to pain. The program is also based on professional knowledge related to mind, body, and spirit interactions and pain research. 


The Meditation Learning Center provides cushions, chairs and is wheelchair accessible.  It is encouraged  to bring your own comfort measures, water and snacks.  


Please bring a writing surface and pen or pencil for taking any notes. Handouts will be provided.


Dr. Karen Peifer has had a mediation practice for over 30 years. Karen completed the Meditation Learning Centers first teacher’s training program in 2014. She teaches an ongoing mindfulness meditation class in Mesa AZ, to seniors and has taught throughout the Phoenix AZ, valley for the past couple of years.  Understanding the connection between the mind, the body, the spirit and personal health has been an ongoing interest. She is a retired registered nurse and a health researcher.   







Cost: $100 per person for 4-week class, $150 for 2 people signing up together.  


7-9:00 PM Thursday evenings at: The Meditation Learning Center, Mesa AZ 1030 West 9th Street, Mesa AZ 85201


Class is limited to 25 students. 


For Registration information Visit: