Memorial Day - Weekend Retreat

Going Within

May 26 - 29 - Annual Meditation & Mindfulness Retreat

Memorial Day - Weekend - Payson Arizona 

May 2017 - 4 Day - Silent Mindfulness & Meditation Retreat - Payson Arizona

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience and enjoy the peacefulness of nature as it blends with the stillness of mind that has been a trade mark of these retreats.  A weekend of silence and peace has served many over the past seven years. Join us this Labor day weekend.

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This retreat will focus on concentration (jhana) and how it relates to the practice of insight meditation and mindfulness.

When we embrace and allow all areas of our experience with awareness, painful patterns in body and mind begin to dissolve. Gently, we learn how to accept and let go of judgment and reactivity within ourselves. As we practice the art of meditation, and as we non-judgmentally view and understand the hindrances that stand in the way of stillness and joy, clarity begins to shine through.

A silent retreat which include sitting and walking meditation practices, interviews, periods for questions and answers, and dharma talks. Shane Wilson is an ordained Buddhist minister and a former Theravada monk. He has been teaching and leading retreats and workshops for over 15 years. He has practiced with western and Asian teachers from a variety of traditions in the US, China, and Thailand. He is the author of: Meditation, The Great Teacher, the practice of going within, and Minding the Breath, meditation techniques of the anapanasati.

Retreat attendees -  May 2015

The Retreat will begin with dinner at 6:30 PM, Friday, May 26, followed by the formal opening at 8:00 PM. The retreat will end after lunch on Monday, May 29. All meals (vegetarian) will be provided. Single and double rooms are available.

The accommodations are very comfortable and quiet. The retreat will be held in silence to facilitate the practice of going within. There are hiking trails and open woods in the area to enjoy.

 Fees cover the operating costs of the retreat and meals. Free-will donations in support of the teacher are requested. 

You must register by May 24th This is important for facility preparation and meal planning.  

REFUNDS: Cancellations can receive a full refund up to 36 hours prior to the start of the retreat. After 36 hours ( May 24th, 6:30 am) we can not offer a refund due to the retreat costs incurred by the Merritt Center in the registration procedure. Please keep this in mind.


Four Day- Memorial Day - Weekend Meditation Retreat, May 26 2017

$270.00 Shared accommodations $380.00 Private Room

The Merritt Center Payson, AZ

Sponsored By The Meditation Learning Center Information: Call Shane Wilson 480-513-7747 or email  /

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