Ladies Grow Group

A Message From Terri Fifer

Ladies Grow Group

Have you ever considered that you may be experiencing blocks to achieving all things you desire, such as loving relationships, career fulfillment, financial abundance, and creative abilities?

There are dozens of causes of these blocks within each of us, and it can be a process of elimination to discover what is preventing us from being our best.

Most of us feel that others have hurt us during our development. Outwardly, we may believe that that carry no grudges. In many cases, hiding deep in our subconscious, there lives a different story.

In my own life, I have learned (and am still learning) how to forgive at the deepest level, thereby liberating myself from the ties that slow down spiritual growth.

I would like to kick off a pilot session of support and mentoring for women from a spiritual rather than an intellectual or clinical approach as, I believe everything that ails us (physically and emotionally) is spiritual in nature. In the first session, we will focus on Forgiveness. Ongoing, we can choose different topics for each meeting or have an open forum if that is preferred.

It is my goal to bring a maximum of 8 women together at my home in Gilbert on a bi-monthly (every two weeks) basis, providing a safe environment for sharing. I will modify that (more often or less often) depending upon the needs of the majority. Ideally...I would like to form a group of individuals that remains consistent. For that reason, I will ask a small fee, since we do tend to feel more committed that way. Trust is critical, and will be better developed in a group of “regulars” who are committed to attendance. Sharing will be deeper and more healing when there is less transience in the group.

For information about being a part of this group contact Terri at:



I have known Terri Fifer for several years and have attended many metaphysical workshops/classes together.

I have always been impressed with Terri’s well rounded knowledge in metaphysical, psychological, and spiritual subjects and how she has incorporated this profound devotion of study into her life. She is the real deal, highly intuitive, sincere, with honest insightful feedback.

She has the remarkable ability to see into one’s personal challenges with great understanding and compassion. What is even more exciting is her guidance has always been uplifting, and accurate.

Her knowledge and experience puts her in an extraordinary category. Terri’s insights have been invaluable to me.

With whatever Terri is called upon to do she gives the endeavor 100 percent." Warm Regards,
Cynthia S. Medford, OR

I met Terri 14 years ago and she has never been anything but genuine, caring, loving, compassionate and exceptionally smart!!
With Terri in my life I never needed a therapist!! Lol! In my opinion she has given me the best advice!! She is more informative, intuitive and smarter than any therapist I ever encountered!”

Terri is a beautiful soul!!
I just love and adore her and you will too!!

Tina S. Chandler, AZ

I have known Terri since 1992. Her life has taken her in many directions, and she has bravely tackled each challenge and come out in a better place. I have watched her grow in so many ways. She is always available to help me when I really need a friend and she is so knowledge about how we work as humans. Terri has learned how to "smell the roses" every day and I feel it every time I talk with her She has made more positive changes than anyone I have ever known. It has been wonderful for me to see this friend turn into this amazing woman.”

Pat W. Ellicott City, MD