Jeff Bliss - Hypnosis Event - SOLD OUT!!!

Hypnotic Interactive Workshop

Hypnotic Interactive Workshop
with Guest Presenter:
Hypnotist Jeff Bliss

Thursday Feb 23rd at 7pm
1030 West 9th Street, Mesa AZ (The Meditation Learning Center)
Experience hypnotic phenomena
from the inside out.

$22.00 Admittance -
Only 20 Seats Available - You must register
and pay to get in. See form below!
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An event that’s...
Therapeutic, Educational, Experiential,
Inspirational, Fascinating, and Fun!
  What Hypnosis is.
  How and Why it works.
  How it’s used for Therapy and Healing
  How you can use it to improve any aspect of your life.
  How to create life changing magic using mental constructs.
Are you open to having a mind-blowing experience?
Say YES!  and we’ll see you there!