Concentration Program

The Deeper States of Meditation-Mastering the Mind

Eight Week Meditation Course

Concentration Meditation - Starting February 17th 

Eight Week Meditation Course 

"The Practice of  Concentration Meditation 
8 Week Course (1 class per week)
Saturday mornings 10:00 am-11:30 am
Starting February 17th, 2018
Cost $50.00 
This eight week course is available through A.I.B.M.C. and Shane Wilson
Held at: 432 South Temple Street, Mesa, AZ 85204
Whether you are an experienced meditator or someone who’s only just beginning, this gentle and down-to-earth course will help you bring deeper concentration into your life enriching every aspect of your future.
In this course we will be looking at concentration meditation. We will take a fresh look at meditation working with various teachings and include a great deal of meditation instruction and practice.
This 8-week course contains information, exercises, and meditations to help you quiet the mind, dis-identify with it, and move into the present moment where you can experience your true nature, which is at peace with life and contains all the wisdom you need to create a happy and fulfilling life. The key to happiness is not getting something from outside ourselves or even improving ourselves, but by connecting with our own source of wisdom, happiness, peace, and contentment. We are all masterful and joyful beings. This course will help you discover the true source of happiness and leave behind limiting thoughts and beliefs and the painful emotions they create.
Meditation practices
Object retention
Using concentration in all aspects of life
Contemplation as a meditation
Visualisation techniques   
The difference between vipassana and concentration
Setting up your personal meditation program
How to regularly experience Jhana
What it's like to be in presence and live in the Now
The development of  deeper concentration
A general deeper awareness
How to deal with distractions in meditation and life
Shane Wilson the course facilitator is a Buddhist minister, he has studied meditation throughout the world with many gifted teachers including Bhante Gunaratana. He regularly teaches at the Arizona International Buddhist meditation Center as well as facilitating meditation sits, workshops and bookstore talks.
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