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  • Meditation, The Great Teacher

    The Practice of Going Within

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    Paperback: 220 pages

    Language: English

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Meditation, The Great  Teacher

Meditation, The Great Teacher

Shane Wilson

Meditation is a method of deep, introspective communication with one’s own mind. Since the methods of instruction are directed and fashioned by the meditator himself, in reality the great teacher that the title of this book is referring to is none other than you. You can stand in front of a mirror and say, as you look at your own refection, “You are my best teacher” and you would be absolutely correct in saying so.This book is about the practice of meditation. It is my hope that it is clear enough for everyone to get an understanding of how the practice works and to generate enough enthusiasm from you, the reader, to continue with a consistent practice in meditation.

You instruct yourself, and initially you are the one who calls all the shots. As a result, you dictate and make decisions in your life. Meditation is one of the tools that can be at your disposal, and a valuable aid in making these decisions. There are many benefits that result from the practice of meditation, all of which we will be discussing within the pages of this book.

The result of any practice is to take what you, “The Great Teacher”, have taught yourself out into the world so as to use it in all of your endeavors. This book is part of the process for this journey, a manual if you will, on how to get on the path of meditation and take it as far as it will go.

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A complete explanation of the practice of Meditation with detailed instructions. From the basics of meditation to the profound realizations of insight. With explanations of the benefits gained, how to develop concentration and mindfulness and how to use meditation out in today's world. "The practice of going within." 

21 Breathes

Minding The Breath

Shane Wilson

In this book are interpretations of the Pali instructions of the Anapanasati sutta followed by a commentary or explanation of each of the sixteen areas. As we progress along the passages there will be, written, guided meditations provided in order to allow one to get a clearer idea of how to use, and incorporate the meditation into their practice. It is not enough to only read and understand the sutta; one must have an actual method of practice. The guided meditations are meant to provide this.   

As you do these meditations you will likely come to the realization that these practices will be both rewarding and for some, challenging.  The meditations progress from simple instructions pertaining to the breath alone. They then move toward deeper, relational reflections concerning the activity of the mind. The instructions then progress toward the Buddhist teaching, of impermanence and the true understandings of the nature of reality. During all of the sixteen steps, the breath is the primary subject or an important part of these practices.

Sixteen separate meditations in all, each one being unique, but still very much a part of the whole. Take your time as you work your way through this book. Its intention is to present an uncomplicated and enjoyable method of meditation practice. As described by the Buddha.



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A  book that takes you step by step through  meditation practice given by the Buddhist Sutta "Anapanasati" translated as Mindfulness of Breathing. Included are sixteen separate areas of the practice. This is a must have for every meditator.