Eight Weekly Classes for Beginners


Have you ever wanted to learn meditation? Meditation learning Center is providing low cost introductory meditation classes for people new to the practice of meditation. It is our intention to teach meditation in a very secular and practical manner in which everyone can be comfortable and enjoy the practice and understand the benefits of meditation and how it can help them in life.

You will have fun learning:

  • The health benefits of meditation
  • The mental benefits of meditation
  • How meditation can help with physical pain
  • How meditation can and provide clarity of mind
  • How to improve concentration through meditation
  • How to get started in a very practical easy way
  • What meditation is and is not
  • The many different postures of meditation
  • Where to meditate
  • What is to be expected from the meditation practice
  • Information about your meditation community
  • How to start and complete a meditation practice
  • Most of all you'll learn how easy meditation can be

These classes (one class per week for eight weeks) will be taught at the meditation learning center in Mesa Arizona. The teachers of this course are certified meditation instructors, trained in the instruction and practice of meditation. The Meditation Learning Center has been in operation for 15 years. It offers various meditation retreats and events that pertain to the practice of meditation and its related modalities. These beginning meditation classes are small classes designed to be very comfortable providing a safe place where all your questions can be easily answered.

Please join us for Beginning Meditation. You will be happy that you did.

For questions please email: