Travelers through night,
         We arrive in dawning light:
         A loving sunrise.
Renounce the future,
Abandoning all the past:
The mind comes to rest.
Relaxing now, deeper;
Settling into the mind,
One can go, deeper.
Beyond the senses,
The spaciousness of Big Mind--
One finds great peace.
Shine the light of love,
Awaken what is within:
Show others the way.
Prepared to move on,
Ready to brave the future:
Acceptance and grace.
Take heart and be brave,
The light of love shows the way:
You are not alone.
In  the storms of life,
Body relaxed, mind so still:
Seek inspiration.
Take care of yourself,
Practice body and mind health:
Others will follow.
Copyright 2016 2017 by DailyDharmas Publications and E. J. Sizemore