A poem

In the presence of light
While basking in its warmth,
There are moments of near perfection.
Instances of limitless acceptance.
Beautiful and aligned with the source,
There are brief spells of transparence.
At these precious moments,
I am the light, lighted to lighten,
Harbinger of love, peace and joy.
But these impermanent moments creep away,
As doubts, fears and desires slither in.
Tormented by a restless mind,
The alignment shifts. The opaque heart
then casts long shadows on people and events.
Hurt, greed and anger breed in dark spaces,
Spreading effortlessly like forest fire.
Until grace finds a way to seep in,
Saturating with waves of compassion.
A chance to align with the light yet again,
Accepting all that is, as is.
Life flows through, unmet by hindrances.
Transparent again,
A light to lighten.