Who Is In Charge?

How are you shaping your life's experience?



One of the most difficult concepts for people to grasp…let alone accept…is the notion that we are “creating” or “manifesting” our experience every minute of every day. How are we doing this? With our thoughts and the emotion that goes along with them.

Most of us are UN-consciously creating events in our lives while others are making the effort (at all levels of success) to co-create (play a role in creating) a richer life by taking charge of our thoughts. All of us carry old negative programming from childhood. We don’t even understand that our actions and interactions are a direct result of these programs, running “silently” and creating negative experiences that we typically feel the “victim” of.

To implement this new kind of belief requires taking a lot of responsibility, ownership and accountability to make the switch from having random “good” things happen to being in charge of what happens on a regular basis.  We first need to understand that our life experience is as a spiritual being in a human body, walking through a world that makes us dependent upon the energy called money for our survival. It is a duality that causes much suffering and is only neutralized through awareness. 

I would like to give a few examples of how people have great potential to manifest…both good and bad. “Jane” is a master manifestor of money.  She creates financial success even when the odds seem to be stacked against her. Positions that weren’t thought of at work open up. Entrepreneurial success is effortless. On the other hand, when it comes to personal relationships, her manifesting skills fall short. How is it that someone can create so easily in one area of their life, and struggle in another? This is where the concept of “deliberate manifesting” comes into play. Because she has old programming that did not injure her in terms of financial success, and because she has great intent and positive emotion charged in this realm…she is able to be very successful in one important area of life, and not so much in another. The net result is still suffering. This is typical of all of us, but I use her as an example because she has enormous power in her intentions and emotions. The other example is “Fred”. He is an incredible young man, liked by everyone who knows him. His old destructive patterns from childhood have led him into so many dark places. He is a master manifestor of harsh lessons.  However, whenever he shifts his energy to create something he wants that is positive, he is a master and receives it with lightning speed. 

Both of these individuals, (and every other human) with a slight bit of coaching in Thought Awareness/Thought Stopping and Thought Replacement combined with a meditation practice, would be unstoppable in creating joy and abundance. Every one of us has the ability to manifest deliberately rather than accidentally. Think of the sub-conscious mind as a raging river. The force behind it is so powerful, and left to its own devices, can be quite destructive. We need to channel this energy to re-direct it so that the desired effect is far less suffering and far more joy. This is my wish for everyone.