Ten Questions

A dialoge with mind

TEN QUESTIONS……Write your answers to each of these questions. Below each question is a brief clarification of the question itself. When furnished relate it to the summery at the end.



Q1. Write down your single, strongest, recurring, desire. (be 100% honest)

What does this bring to mind. Cravings, addictions, food, sex, acceptance.

These are the things that cause the feeling of being incomplete. Wanting a little something more much of the time.




Q2. What one thing do you feel you cannot live without?

A relationship, protection, home, family, certain food, necessities in life!

These are likely pointing to our fears of… what if!




Q3. What one thing, if you could let it go, do you feel would free you?

What are you holding on to that you should let go of .

Again, relationships, job, beliefs,




Q4. Write down the one thing you are trying to change the most in your life.

Addiction, craving, negativity, negative thoughts, anger, fear, other people, location, amount of money you have.

By seeing this eye to eye, why is it not changing? Is it not impermanent?




Q5. What is the largest or strongest worry in your life at this time?

What is the recurring, worry type of, theme that keeps coming in to mind?

Is this worry worth worrying about? Is there a chance that this is not even real?




Q6. What do you feel is you’re most limiting belief?

I can’t do it because of ______.

This is the mind saying you cannot do something. If  this something has been done before, it can be done again. If it hasn't’t been done it means the mind does not recognize that it is possible to do and simply has to be retrained.




Q7. What one thing, seems to prevent you from being free?

The one thing you feel you need to make it.

Is it true? Can you make it without this?




Q8. What one word defines freedom for you?

The heart of your belief in you.

Your mantra. This one word should represent you!




Q9. What one thing do you feel you can do (soon) to bring you, closer to your idea of freedom?




Q10. What would you do (soon) if you where 100% free, and limitless in every way?

Write everything you will do when you have everything you need to do it. Write everything that comes to mind as quickly as you can.





Summary – refer to each question and your answer for more clarity when doing the summery.


When we eventually drop our desires, [1]. We will notice that we can live without anything [2] and have freedom from the failure to let go of anything [3] and more easily allow change to happen[4] freedom from the worry that maybe related to failure, desire, changeability[5] allowing the disintegration of any limited beliefs [6] knowing that nothing can prevent your being complete[7] and the one word (the word you choose) defines you [8] enabling you to live with complete freedom[9] and to live the life you dream of living [10].