An excercise in presence

Right here, right now!


Exercise: Here-and-Now


In this moment describe what you are aware of. It is important to begin every sentence whither it is out loud or to yourself with: 'Right here and right now I am ...' or 'At this moment...' or 'Here and now I am noticing … .  In the beginning, it is strongly recommended that you do this out loud when convenient. Doing this out loud is very beneficial, since it activates a very real form of presence, although it will primarily be done in silence.


Notice any problems or difficulties that arise while doing this such as resistance to continue or the mind saying “this is impossible to do” or “no one can do this for long” instead ask yourself,” Why did I stop”? “Can I notice when my attention is not doing the exercise”? Am I tired?  Is this difficult or do I maybe find it too easy to stay with this? Did my mind go blank and stop forming sentences or did I start to daydream or allow my attention to wander off?


Next we must ask, where did my mind go when it wondered? Many feel as if they mentally went into the past or toward the future, without the awareness that it is right here and right the mind was likely reminiscing about the past or anticipating the future.


Repeat the exercise again, utilizing all your senses, describing everything that is happening and what you are feeling whether, distant, close or within. Then consider: What is your actual present reality? Can you actually feel it? Can you feel that it is yours?


To the extent of your connect with the present moment and that it has been obscured by wearing a personality mask, the effort to experience presence will rouse anxiety (masked, perhaps, as fatigue, boredom, impatience or annoyance) - and what specifically rouses your anxiety will be the particular resistance by which you throttle and prevent full experience. For many it can be identified as fear. Fear of being live in the now, in the present moment, this moment of unconditioned awareness.


With practice, you will no longer need to verbalize in this way to maintain the discipline of Here-&-Now consciousness. To re-acquire the full feeling of actuality is an experience of tremendous impact, of moving to the core of the unconditioned. The sense of fear at the realization of the actuality of being alive is overcome. It is no longer necessary to alter or suppress the truth.

Practice this exercise in many different circumstances.