Meditation Courses


The Courses and Meetings Currently Being Offered:

Meditation Teacher Training Program

Free of charge-Wednesday evening Meditation Group

Personal Meditation Instruction

Four Day Meditation Retreats 

Online Courses

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Free of charge- Wednesday Evening Meditation Group- Mesa, AZ

Everyone is welcome-7:00-9:00 pm every Wednesday night. Held at the Arizona International Buddhist Meditation Center  this is facilitated by Shane Wilson and has meditation instruction, teaching and discussion. There is a 40 minute sitting meditation a period of walking meditation followed by a talk and q&a.  Cushions and chairs are provided. The location is: 432 Temple Street, Mesa AZ, 85204 Phone 480-626-4153 Click here for more information:

Eight Week Courses
 In an effort to help promote meditation, the Meditation Learning Center  in conjunction with the Arizona International Buddhist Meditation Center provides eight week meditation courses for those seriously interested in the practice. By the time they have completed  the eight week course,  they will feel confident, and comfortable with meditation and know how to use it and incorporate it into their life.  These popular classes  are intended for reliable and committed people with a sincere desire to practice meditation on a daily basis. This is not a web class but a real live class in a class room held in Mesa AZ.
The classes are held at the Arizona International Buddhist Meditation Center in Mesa Arizona, for more information about AIBMC please go to Participants must register for these classes. see individual course tabs on the left.
Online Meditation Course

Meditation, The Great Teacher - Meditation and Mindfulness Course