In its seventh year...

When you complete The Meditation Teacher Training Program, you will improve your own practice while improving the lives of others — build confidence by addressing life’s most challenging conditions!  

In this exclusive training course, today's leading meditation experts will guide you step-by-step using fundamental and advanced principles and techniques, preparing you to effectively integrate meditation into your established field of work or to start your new teaching practice.  

The innovative methods along with techniques and practices that are thousands of years old presented in this 10-month online clinical training can radically change your life and the lives of those you work with.

Whether you are new to meditation or an established teacher, this elite training opportunity can improve both your competence and confidence in enabling you to help solve other's problems as well as your own challenges by giving you the tools of meditation and mindfulness to work and grow with.  

Enrollment at this ultra-low price is extremely limited — lock in your spot today!  

The Meditation Learning Center’s - Meditation Teacher Training Program

10-Month Online Meditation Teacher Training

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The Meditation Learning Center has advanced the training of meditation and taking it from the beneficial practice that it is, to a training in which one can thoroughly learn the practice of meditation and train as a teacher of meditation.

Previously the training program has only been available in person. Now, you can complete the 10-month training program completely online.  

The Meditation Teacher Training Program can 
add additional power to your current line of
work or enable you to start a new profession.

Meditation is gentle and powerful in eliciting lasting change in people, and when used in collaboration with other approaches in the field of healing arts such as yoga, physical therapy, massage therapy, addiction counseling, as well as for  physicians and nurses, it becomes a powerful healing tool. One does not have be established in healing arts to benefit from the program. The program is also excellent for individuals wishing to deepen their own practice of meditation or to start their own teaching.

In the program, you're guided step-by-step through expert-prepared instructional video and skill-building exercises with over 3000 pages total of handout material. You will work through approximately two hours of program video each week, which you'll have unlimited online access to view at your convenience.

You'll also be part of an online community, where you can engage in group chat discussions with other participants. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to communicate with Shane Wilson during the entire program.  

Here's a brief snapshot of the course format:  

Module 1
Class 1 - The History and Basic Concepts of Meditation
Class 2 - Guidelines for Teaching New Meditators
Class 3 - Meditation and the Brain
Class 4 - Discovering the brain waves with the EEG
Class 5 - Meditation and Religion
Class 6 - Overview of Meditation Styles  

Module 2
Class 1 - Mindfulness and Concentration
Class 2 - More on Mindfulness
Class 3 - 24 Sequential Steps of Meditation
Class 4 - Leading A Meditation
Class 5 - Zen and Transcendental Meditation
Class 6 - Gathering and Meeting Examples

Module 3
Class 1 - Meditation / Working With Children
Class 2 - Two Guided Meditations
Class 3 - Meditation and Hypnosis
Class 4 - Contemplative Practices
Class 5 - Yoga and Meditation
Class 6 - Silva Meditation Method & Walking Meditation

Module 4
Class 1 - Meditation and Addiction
Class 2 - Addiction Recovery
Class 3 - Meditation and Mental Health
Class 4 - Meditation and Health (physicality)
Class 5 - Working with Groups (as a meditation teacher)
Class 6 - Working with Individuals (as a meditation teacher)

Module 5
Class 1 - You as a Meditation Teacher
Class 2 - Meditation and Mindfulness in the workplace
Class 3 - Class Organization
Class 4 - Facilitating Retreats
Class 5 - Tools for Guided Meditation / The Subconscious & Meditation
Class 6 - Various Trainings - Three Lessons  

Meet the course Instructors:         

Shane Wilson

Shane Wilson is a minister through ordination by the Los Angeles Buddhist Union and the International Order of  Buddhist Ministries. He studied meditation throughout the world with American, European, Chinese, Sri Lankan and Thai instructors and is fully dedicated to helping those wishing to experience life with more joy and balance. He believes that  by incorporating the correct practice and study of meditation and its related modalities into ones life, this joy and balance can easily be accomplished by everyone. Shane provides meditation and class instruction for the Arizona International Buddhist Meditation Center of Mesa Arizona (A.I.B.M.C.) as well as providing opportunities through the Meditation Learning Center in the form of classes, courses, retreats and by meeting with individuals as a spiritual mentor and counselor using traditional western therapies along with meditation and mindfulness practices. For more information visit:        

Stephanie Cordel  

Stephanie Cordel has been involved with the Meditation Learning Center since 2013, assisting with content development for the Meditation Teacher Training Program. She teaches informational presentations on various topics related to meditation including Meditation and the Brain, Contemplative Practices, and Mindfulness-Based Therapies. She also has trained in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. With a degree in Child Development, she specializes in working with parents and children ages 5 & up. She also works with Mindfulness First to bring mindfulness programs to children in schools across Maricopa County of Arizona. She is passionate about providing children with mindfulness as a tool to promote positive social and emotional development.       


Here's everything included in the online course:

  • Comprehensive video training, app. 2 hours per week for 36 weeks on Meditation Teacher Training.
  • Online message boards to collaborate with other students and teachers taking the course.
  • Unlimited access to all materials online, plus you can download all videos and materials to keep forever.
  • Live coaching Q&A text and email options for additional insight and answers to participant questions — live assistance at all times.


100% satisfaction guarantee...register for this training course without risk! 
If you're not completely satisfied, give us a call at 480-513-7747. We're that
confident that you'll find this learning experience to be all that's
promised and more than you expected. Refunds are easily
available for all total program payments, and are prorated
based on the individual five week course price.     


What happens next?
• Register now to get your login for instant access to the online portal.
• Login to begin viewing Week One videos at your own pace.
• Start interacting with other online attendees via chat message boards.
• Each week, new video materials will open, allowing for progressive acquisition of competence.
• Complete your tests online when it's convenient for you.
• End the course with a certificate of profession recognition for completion of the Meditation Teacher Training       Program.  

Questions about this course? Please call / text 480-513-7747 or email:  

The Meditation Learning Center’s - Meditation Teacher Training Program

10-Month Online Meditation Teacher Training

Enroll Now for $1040.00

Interested in a Payment Plan?

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