Shane Wilson

Many have met Shane through his classes, courses, workshops, and retreats, although helping people individually has always been an important part of his work. "To inspire others to live a fuller happier life is what creates happiness for me, that is my inspiration".

Shane is certified in regression-therapy, hypnotherapy and meditation; He works as an instructor and a therapist in the greater Phoenix area using hypnotherapy and other techniques that are a combination of meditation and mindfulness practices. He also uses visualization, self hypnosis and mind expansion techniques that have been proven to allow himself and his clients to live complete and full lives. For those living or visiting the greater Phoenix AZ area, he meets with people live at his private practice located in Mesa Arizona or he can work with you over the phone. Shane works with individuals by helping them through their difficulties as well as empowering them to break through their limitations and creating a life that they long for.

When having  sessions with Shane a customized audio is often made that one can listen to at any time, further inputting positive suggestions or instructions that are based on your particular intention. Also various exercises and practices such as meditation, creative visualization, journaling, dream work, self inquiry and self hypnosis are some of the tools that are used.

Sessions by phone offers the opportunity to have therapy and meditation coaching sessions at a lower cost, there is no driving and the moment you close your eyes, it’s as if you were having an in-office session in the comfort of your own home. By offering convenient telephone sessions people with situations that prevent them from coming into the office can be accommodated.To Ensure You Have the Best Phone Session Please Visit This Link:

Shane has helped people in the following areas:

  • Past life Regression, accomplishing goals, anorexia, addiction recovery, anger management, anxiety control, attracting money, boundaries, computer anxiety, confidence, control issues, creativity enhancement, depression, eating disorder, fears of all types, forgiveness of self or others, gambling, addiction, golf, improvement, goal setting, healing faster, high blood pressure, insomnia, insecurity, internet addiction, jealousy, job interview preparedness, loss, dealing with, memory enhancing, motivation, nail Biting, nightmares, organization, pain control, peak performance, pre game nerves, procrastination, public speaking, relaxation, self esteem, sensitivity, empath, sexual performance, shopping addiction, smoking cessation, sports improvement, success motivation, time management, weight release, worrying.

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Shane is the author of two books: 

"Meditation, the Great Teacher" The practice of going within and "Minding the Breath" Meditation techniques of the Anapanasati Sutta. 

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Shane's Formal Education: Wichita State University, University of South Dakota, Rio Salado Community Collage, Esalen Institute, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Northern State University, Northwestern school of Technology.