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Join Shane Wilson for "Direct Pointing"

Direct pointing is a mix between a meditation meeting, a dharma class, and a workshop that includes group dialog. These are casual and welcoming meetings where a facilitator and a group of  people meet in a quiet setting and work toward the understanding of non-dual awareness and the disassociation with a self that is experienced as being separate from anything, or anybody. We work with various approaches that help clear the way for the comprehension of our true nature.

" There is nothing separating us from what we are except our ideas about what we are"

When awareness meets experience without preference or resistance, this is the mind that properly identifies with thoughts and looks at memories or stories of the past, and plans for the future with clarity. In “Direct Pointing” we look at how the mind process works as a whole, how thoughts are identified with, and how we identify with experience. Furthermore we look for possible areas in life were we maybe holding back from realizing and living our true nature or unconditioned awareness.

Direct Pointing allows the participant the opportunity to understand their relationship with the self view and how this view of a "self", that is often seen or felt as being separate form the world, arises as thoughts and stories. All of this resulting in our everyday struggles and difficulties. Direct Pointing is a clearing away of the negative personal stories about the "self". A pointing at the possibilities that offer an expansion of our awareness beyond preference and the desire to have our world other than what it presently is. 

"Imagine the experience of having to no longer defend or protect this sense of self". 

"What is the experience of complete freedom from attachment to anything".

Presented will be methods of directly pointing one to their true nature by explanation, identification, and experiencing. The methods used will be meditation and self inquiry  practices, along with hands on dialectic and written exercises. Included will be group discussions aided by direct questioning to stimulate self inquiry.  A structured program that works at building dependable and clear cognitive behavior,  improvement in concentration. "Direct Pointing" is a wonderful aid in building a happier life through the clarity of mind that is a result of the understanding of our true nature.  


This group meets every other Tuesday evenings 7:00- 8:30 P.M.

-Further Information regarding about receiving recorded videos of these sessions-

There is very limited space although these meetings we be recorded for those unable to attend. The video recordings can be viewed by making a donation in the exact amount of $9.99 per month of service. this amount will distinguish that you would like to receive bi-weekly recordings of these sessions. Once the donation is received we will have your email address and you will be emailed the video information and will be able to view each session at your convenience. CLICK HERE

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