The Meditation Learning Center and the Arizona International Buddhist Meditation Center (AIBMC) offer opportunities to practice, learn meditation and mindfulness.

8-Week Meditation Course - Live classes

Loving-Kindness In Plain English

EIGHT WEEK COURSE - Saturday September 30, for Eight Week

The Meditation Learning Center and the Arizona International Buddhist Meditation Center (AIBMC) offer opportunities to practice and learn meditation and mindfulness. Eight-week courses are provided throughout the year enabling one to study and practice meditation and mindfulness at a deeper level. 

AIBMC- 432 Temple Street, Mesa AZ 85204

Classes meet for eight consecutive weeks on Saturday mornings 10:00 -11:30 AM - Register by filling out the form below.

STARTING September 30  - Loving-Kindness In Plain English - 8 WEEK COURSE

COURSE COST IS $50.00 plus BOOK (book can be purchased in by visiting: https://www.amazon.com/Loving-Kindness-Plain-English-Practice-Metta/dp/1614292493/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1504120806&sr=8-1&keywords=loving-kindness+in+plain+english

Learn how to cultivate loving-kindness to live a life of joyful harmony with others. Through personal anecdotes, step-by-step meditations, conversational renderings of the Buddha’s words in the suttas, and transformative insights into how we live in and relate to the world, we learn that peace here and now is possible—within ourselves and in all our relationships. In the textbook we will be using in this program Bhante G speaks directly to how we can cultivate loving-kindness to find emotional clarity, overcome anger, and become more peaceful—both on and off the meditation cushion. 

"When you say you love someone, what you conceive in your mind is generally an emotion conditioned by the behavior or qualities of that person".

"We all have the seed for loving friendliness in our hearts. All we need is the right conditions, the right soil and attention, to let it sprout, grow, and become strong. Each of us has the potential for metta to blossom in all of our activities".

- Bhante G


Shane Wilson, the course facilitator is a Buddhist minister, he has studied meditation throughout the world with many gifted teachers including Bhante Gunaratana the author of Loving-kindness in Plain English. He regularly teaches at the Arizona International Buddhist Meditation Center and through the Meditation Learning Center by facilitating meditation gatherings, workshops, retreats and running a private practice.


Please purchase book prior to class

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