Daytime meditation classes - Start January 7th

Afternoon meditation classes for newer meditators
designed and taught by Dr. Christine Hicks 

This is the only daytime program offered

Discounts apply for two people - Bring a friend or family member!

Each weekly module introduces an aspect of the basic structure of meditation, no matter what lineage or practice you intend to follow. We will have: 

  • Handouts with group discussion
  • Guided meditation exercises 
  • Lessons build on the previous lesson
  • Classes build on the experiences and contributions of the class attendees.  

Although this class is not Buddhist or promoting any particular lineage, it will draw mostly from my personal practice of Vipassana and experience with mindfulness based practices.  Additional contributions from other practices are welcome and encouraged. 

Meditation does not require a special outfit, a special seat, a special belief or a special location- it only needs you! to show up ready to take some time to sit, breath, and look within.

Chairs and cushions will be provided.  Please feel free to bring a favorite pillow or kneeling stand if desired. Handouts will be provided, please bring a writing surface and pen or pencil for any notes.  


Christine Hicks has been a practicing Naturopathic physician in the Phoenix Metropolitan area since 2008. While her interest in Buddhism has been ongoing for 25 years, her dedicated Vipassana meditation practice has been just about 6 years in Phoenix and Mesa. Christine completed the Meditation Learning Centers first teacher’s training program in 2014.


She works with The Meditation Learning Center and the greater Arizona Mindfulness community. She manages the Facebook group, Arizona Mindfulness Meditation. Her interests in teaching include adults and the elderly, beginners of any spiritual tradition that want to learn meditation without religion, incorporating mindfulness and meditation into health and vital living practices.  


$75 per person, $125 for 2 people signing up together.  


Mondays 1:00 - 2:30 PM  at: The Meditation Learning Center, Mesa AZ 1030 West 9th Street, Mesa AZ 85201


For More Information and the register visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/daytime-beginning-meditation-classes-six-week-meditation-program-tickets-52491041117


Class Dates - January 7 through February 11

January 7  Week 1: Posture and Sitting
January 14  Week 2: Finding the Breath
January 21  Week 3: Sensation Awareness
January 28  Week 4: Calming the Mind
February 4  Week 5: Attention and Concentration
February 11 Week 6: Putting it all together with Metta